Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROPs)

Quynh Duong (Hannah)
Hannah is originally from Vietnam. Hannah transferred to MIT from Cerritos Community College in California in 2011 as a sophomore. She is majoring in Chemical Engineering with a Materials Design and Processing concentration. Hannah is interested in biomass conversion processes, polymer synthesis, and oil refining processes. She started UROPing at Prof. Roman lab in Spring 2012 and is currently assisting William in studying the isomerization of C3-sugar using Tin-containing Zeolites.

Linh T. Bui
Linh is a senior at MIT, pursuing a double major in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. He worked for the last two years in Prof. Danheiser’s lab in Department of Chemistry on development of new Diel-alder reaction. Joining the lab in summer 2012, he is now working on post-synthetic functionalization of various zeolites and designing test reactions to show case the utility of these new catalysts. Personally, Linh likes sailing and computer games, and is looking forward for a graduate position in a chemical engineering lab.