Dr. Murat Kaya
Room: 66-025
Telephone: 617-253-0070
Email: mkaya@mit.edu
Dr. Murat Kaya completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Murvet Volkan at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara-Turkey. His previous work includes preparation and surface modification of noble metal nanoparticles with different structures (core-shell, hollow) to monitor biologically and chemically important chemical reactions, and the preparation of magnetic nanoparticles for magnetic separation applications and magnetically targeted imaging. Currently his work focuses on setting up an advanced IR system to study aqueous-phase reactions of oxygenates using time-resolved techniques, use of atomic layer deposition for the synthesis of advanced single-site catalytic materials, assembling nanostructures (core-shell, hollow shell) for effective catalysis, and preparation of magnetically separable catalysts.