Dr. Herui Dou
Room: 66-025
Telephone: 617-253-0070
Email: heruidou@mit.edu
Ph.D., Technical University of Munich, Germany, 2010
M. Sc., Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2001
B.A., Dalian University of Technology, P. R. China, 1998Work Experience
Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
July 2001 – January 2006   

  • Research Assistant
  • Leader of a research group working on the decomposition of highly
  • concentrated hydrogen peroxide
  • Participant in a branch of Chinese National High-tech 863 Project

Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Munich
March 2006 – November 2010

Direct dimethyl carbonate (DMC) synthesis from methanol and CO2 (Ph.D. candidate supervised by Prof. Johannes Lercher).

Research Interests

  • Heterogeneous catalysis: catalyst preparation, characterization, and testing.
  • Chemical Engineering: chemical processes, reactor design and construction.
  • Synthesis of zeolite and zeolite membranes.